Sunday, November 6, 2011

"But that's just pillow talk talkin'..."

So I haven't posted in awhile and for this I apologize... even though I don't think I have quite the following and not many people read this. But anywho, while most people spent their Daylight Savings Time Night sleeping I decided to make a pillow... ironic huh? But, when I came across this I knew I had to make it! So here we go, a picture guide to what I did to achieve a pillow of cuteness!

I used an old pillow of my Dad's... don't know where he got this thing but as it was turning shades of yellow I decided it need a makeover...

Thankfully, as I was gathering fabric I realized that you could still see the checkered flag pattern through the design and it needed to be covered prior to creating the designed case. So I did a basic pillow case and enclosed the bottom with a rough stitch. The fabric I used for this was so old that I believe my mother created my Princess Barbie costume with it when I was 4... haha!

As I continued with the step by step I had to stop and snap a picture of the bow! I'm super excited to use this technique again as I prepare to help a friend throw a Tiffany themed Bridal Shower at the beginning of next year! This will definitely come in handy!

And now for the final product. The design is very colorful so I really have no idea where I'm going to put this thing, but it was too simple and cute to pass up. And I successfully completed my first envelope back pillow for easy washing :o) Win!

I'll be finishing up my simple remodel of our bathroom this week and I'm super excited to show off the curtain (and purse that I made with the extra fabric)! Hopefully everyone is well rested and enjoying their extra hour! Have a great day!