Saturday, October 15, 2011

And so it begins... with the Power Rangers.

Growing up as a child in the 90's I had many run ins with these so called "Might Morphin Power Rangers." As some (or most) of you may recall the Power Rangers used to be a group of 5 teenage super heroes who would battle some type of crazy robot villain, whose mouth never seemed to match up with the words they were speaking. But, they would appear on the weekly Saturday morning line up... usually late morning when people and children had actually started their day and could care less of that they were on television at this point. I never really watched them myself. I remember two things about the first generation of rangers 1. That they could somehow morph into this large Optimus Prime type creature and 2. The almost scandalous introduction of the Black Ranger. But, I did have many a run-in with the super fan. Most boys worshiped these characters and I can  remember boys pretending that they were this special team, trying to coax the girls around them to be they yellow or pink ranger. Hmmmmm... I wonder if they are still trying to use that tactic today *sultry voice* "You wanna be my pink ranger?" What a tag line on a dating site that would be.

Anyway, I got a phone call from a customer who I had been expecting to order a Super Mario cake. However, like most 4 year olds her son had changed his mind. He wanted Power Rangers. I have to admit I was somewhat intrigued as to how this cake was going to turn out. (I even thought of creating Power Ranger Optimus Prime) But, as I got online to do my normal research on characters I was shocked. Did anyone else know that there have been like 5 generations of these guys. While I couldn't tell you what some of them are I can tell you that they are currently known as Power Rangers Samurai... seriously? Each one has their own new unique weapons to their character and their outfits bare a slight resemblance to the ensemble of a ninja (that was kinda cool)

So how do I turn this into a cake? My first idea was to just have the helmets on their. This could be cool ... but then my mother so lovingly pointed out that she couldn't tell they were the Power Rangers. It honestly didn't help matters that the helmets had become strange. They used to just be black where the eyes went. Now each color has their own unique design. So then I decided to do just the blue ranger in the middle (the young boy's favorite) surrounded by his fellow Ranger's helmets. Turned out okay. As always the cake ends up looking a little different then what I expected but I guess it worked. It was my first time attempting a coconut cake and while I despise coconut my mother said it was delicious!

So here's to the first of many. A way to share my stories in Cake Heaven or Hell.. which ever one seems to occur those certain evenings when I find myself elbow deep in buttercream. Well, tonight it's neither way so I guess I'm in Cake Limbo... or maybe Earth. Who knows....

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