Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I've decided to begin doing more arts & crafts style projects. Currently I'm in the process of basic remodeling in a bathroom of my house, while continuing to decorate my own apartment in the basement. This isn't all that relevant to this blog post but I guarantee it will come up later (That's what he said).

Now today I was searching one of my new favorite websites ( trying to find something fun to do in these rooms and I while I found one thing to do this project wasn't in there. So I had to share what I created, since I'm uber proud of it!

My button clock was pretty easy to create. I just found a cheap clock. We actually had one just lying around our house and some miscellaneous buttons. After taking apart the clock (which was kind of fun) I was able to take the plastic face out and flip it over and just sewed the buttons on where the numbers are supposed to go. Then I just simply put the clock back together with the new button face :) I'm thinking I might spray paint the frame at some point to match whatever room I put it in. Perhaps I'll put it in the newly decorated bathroom because it might be getting a few button details as well. 

Now for the embarrassing part of the story. Up until today I had absolutely NO idea what the letters DIY stood for. Of course I had heard it countless times before, but always wondered. So every single time I saw a commercial for the DIY network, or heard someone say this is a DIY project, I had no idea what they were talking about. So today on one of the posts I was looking at someone actually put that DIY stands for "Do It Yourself." I know I am a shameful face in the land of crafters. Hopefully some of you can forgive me... le sigh.

This is my life.

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